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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is ODEPC Job Portal?
ODEPC Job Portal will be a one stop portal for Job Seekers to register for being considered for recruitment it conducts for reputed clients from Overseas and domestic sector. The Registered profiles will be searched and shortlisted for various job opportunities with the ODEPC clients. Apart from this, Employers specific requirements will also be posted with the details of Jobs. Job seekers can apply for those jobs. The Job portal will help the Job seekers to update the profile by their own and to keep the profile updated. ODEPC will conduct recruitment processes through Job Fairs, Group Interviews, Written tests as deemed fit for the vacancies and employers.

2) How do I register with ODEPC?
It's easy to register with ODEPC. Just click the Register Now link on the top of Home page and complete the five stage process of registration.

In the first stage, you will create an account by providing a valid email id and personal details. In the second stage you can add your academic details like educational Qualifications, Certified Courses, Job Skills, Projects, and Workshops/Seminars etc. In the third stage, you can enter your Preferences, Experience and Professional details. In the Fourth stage, the Contact Address details, Language Proficiency details, Work Authentication and Personal Description can be added. Before moving to the fifth and final stage, make sure that you have the Demand draft with you taken for the amount mentioned in the website from any Nationalized Bank in favour of "ODEPC Ltd., Thiruvananthapuram".

After registering online, you need to take a print out of the application form and send to ODEPC office along with the Demand draft. The application form and the Demand draft must reach ODEPC Ltd., within 20 days from the date of issue of the demand draft. Your registration will be approved only after verifying the demand draft and the application form.

3) How can I log in to my account?
To login to ODEPC Job Portal, click on the "Log in" link in the Home page and enter the Email and Password details. After logging in to the account, you can update your profile through the "My Account" link. You can also preview and edit your resume.

4) How can I change my Account password?
In the "My Account" page, you can use the 'Change Password' link to change your password. There you have to enter the old password, new password (twice for verification). On clicking the Save button, the password will be changed.

5) How do I sign in to my account if I forget my password?
If you've forgotten your password, you can use the "Forgot Password" link in the home page,, follow the on-screen instructions and we'll send you an email with the new password. You can then login using the new password. Once logged in, the account password can be changed using the "Change Password" link given in "My Account" page.

6) As a Guest user/Unregistered user what all I can do in the site?
A Guest user can search for the jobs and look into the Job Details. But to apply for a job or save a job for future reference, one should become a Registered User.

7) What all can a Registered Job Seeker do in the site?
After searching for Jobs, a registered Job Seeker can apply for a job or save a job for future reference. You can view the Saved and Applied jobs using "My Account" page after login to your account.

8) How do I search for relevant Jobs?
To search for a job, you can use the "Search Jobs" link in the Home page. It is recommended that you specify the keywords, preferred locations and your total experience criteria to access job search results which are closest to what you are looking for. You can narrow down your search by specifying all available criteria. In case of 'No Results Found', it is recommended that you may broaden your search by entering only a limited number of criteria.

9) How to Apply for a Job?
After finding an appropriate Job, you can apply for it by clicking on the Apply button in the Job Details page. The applied jobs are listed in Applied Jobs section in My Account page of Job Seeker.

10) When can I expect a response after a successful job application?
Once you have successfully applied for a particular job vacancy, any future correspondence towards the same lies solely at the discretion of the company. The ODEPC team will review the resume and if found suitable, will consider the resume for further procedures of the job. The Job Seekers will be intimated about it in due course.

11) What happens to the Resume posted?
After posting the Resume, it will go to the Resume database of ODEPC Job Portal. The ODEPC team will review the resume and consider it for suitable jobs.

12) What is the Eligible Jobs section in the Job Seeker Account page?
The Eligible Jobs section shows the list of Jobs for which the Job Seeker is eligible for. A job becomes an eligible job for a person if it matches all the criteria entered by the Job Seeker in his 'Preferences' section.

13) Will I be notified about the suitable Jobs?
The Job Seeker can be intimated about the ODEPC Notifications if he/she has selected the 'ODEPC Alert' checkbox in th Settings menu in My Account page. The Job Seeker will get emails regarding ODEPC notifications.

14) Regarding the notifications for a Registered Job Seeker
A Registered Job Seeker gets various notifications in his account. If he is selected for a Job Interview, his Hall ticket can be downloaded from the site. He will also be intimated on getting selected for a Job. The different notifications can be found in the 'Notifications' section in the "My Account" page.

15) What to do if I do not want my resume to be considered for Interview Procedures?
If a Job Seeker wishes to hide his resume for a time period, click on the Settings menu in the My Account page. In the 'Hide Resume till' field, select the day, month and year and click on the Save button. After doing this, the ODEPC team will not consider his resume for Interview procedures for the selected time frame.

16) What are the Archived Jobs?
In the Archived Jobs section, the jobs for which the 'Last Date to Apply' have crossed will be listed.

17) How to make the Payment for Domestic / Overseas Recruitment?
After registering with ODEPC, in the 'My Accounts' page, a notification will display regarding making the Payment. Click on the 'click here to enter payment details' link. In the DD Details page opened, select the Recruitment Category options. In the 'Please choose the Payment Mode' section, enter the DD No., DD Date, Amount and Bank details. Click Submit button. The recruitment process of the Job Seeker will get activated in ODEPC Job Portal only after the administrator approves the DD Payment details. When the Administrator approves/rejects a payment, email intimation will be sent to the Job Seeker.

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